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Effective teamwork in the space

Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazansky gave a speech at Mikro Kapital about the principles of effective teamwork under stressful conditions. He explained what a “normal abnormal situation” is and outline the solution options suggested from space.

Key rules and approaches to become a real team.

On the 6th of August truly cosmic event took place – the real pilot-cosmonaut, hero of the Russian Federation – Sergey Ryazansky visited the Moscow office.

The meeting with the cosmonaut is the first intra-corporate event of this scale.

The meeting was held with the participation of top managers of the Mikro Kapital group of companies, and online broadcast was conducted for our foreign colleagues and employees in the regions.

Sergey Ryazansky told about how he became a cosmonaut without an engineering education, what approaches to preparing for flights are applicable both in modern business and private life, how to spend months in space with a multinational team and, despite the differences in mentalities and characters, become a real team.

Our Mikro Kapital Group space team acquired many benefit knowledge on management tricks, and ways to solve “regular non-regular ” situations that Sergey told us about.

Watch the videos below.

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