Meet the people that make Mikro Kapital unique.

In Mikro Kapital, management and investment teams you can find outstanding professional skills acquired by our partners over the years in various international markets.

Our team with a wide background in finance, banking and support to small and medium enterprises comes from many countries around the world and together they make mikro kapital unique and special.

Supervisory Board

Responsible for the establishment and approval of: Corporate governance, Group structure, Corporate bodies, Bodies roles and responsibilities, Appointing MB members, Group strategy, Group risk appetite, Large transactions.
Vittorio Volpi - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Vittorio Volpi

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

He began his professional career with the First National City Bank in Milan, working both in the United States and Europe. In 1971 he opened the offices of the first Italian bank in Japan (Comit) which he managed up to 1981 with responsibility for the whole Far East. In that same year he set up a company offering strategic and financial consultancy, Parallels KK, Tokyo.

This was followed by his appointment to the Chairmanship of UBS Japan (1991), a position he retained until 2001. On his return to Europe he took over the position of General Manager of UBS in Zurich with involvement in project Italy, helping to bring the Swiss presence in Italy up to standards of excellence especially in Private Banking. He left his position in UBS in 2008, concentrating on reviving the Parallels consultancy but this time in Switzerland to develop strategic consultancy projects.

Vincenzo Trani - Member of the Supervisory Board

Vincenzo Trani

Member of the Supervisory Board

Born in 1974, after graduating and completing his specialist studies he moved to Russia at the end of the 1990s to work for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and has worked continuously in the same market from that time onwards. He directed development initiatives on behalf of important private banks and industrial groups for eight years.

He gained official recognition in Russia as the initiator of some of the most important projects for small and medium-sized businesses. He founded General Invest in 2007 and in 2008 Mikro Kapital, a micro- finance fund for financing Russian small businesses which has established itself as one of the most successful such initiatives at a European level.

Edoardo Esercizio - Member of the Supervisory Board

Edoardo Esercizio

Member of the Supervisory Board

Edoardo has over 40 years of combined Wealth Management , Banking and Corporate Finance experience.

He started his career with Banca Commerciale Italiana in 1976 in the executive services, and gradually he advanced until becoming Responsible of Foreign Commerce. For more than 10 years, from 1987, he served at Banca SanPaolo Invest as a regional director where he built up the first network of financial promoters. After that, he worked 9 years for UBS Wealth Management in Italy as Executive Director, in charge of the institutional and private wealthy clients, focusing on private equity, IPO transactions and M&A. At the beginning he has been in charge as Head of the branch start up in Naples Within UBS he has been appointed as chief of Key client segment in Milan and Rome.

In 2008 he met Vincenzo Trani and began collaborating with Mikrokapital s.a.r.l. and General Invest as a Member of the advisory board . Subsequently he has been nominated CEO for General Invest Zurich.

He has been appointed as Manager from Banca Esperia for Family Office Intermediaries, and recently has became member of the advisory board.

He served as Financial Consultant for Italy country of FCC Fomento de Construcciones , a spanish based company.

He has also cover positions in boards of major listed, and not, companies operating in Italy: Waste Italia s.p.a., Innovatec s.p.a., Green Power Group s.p.a., Primus Capital Management s.p.a. and C.M.D. Motor Company s.p.a..

Ferdinando Pelazzo - Member of the Supervisory Board

Ferdinando Pelazzo

Member of the Supervisory Board

Ferdinando Pelazzo has been appointed member of the Supervisory Board of Mikro Kapital Management S.A. in January 2020.

Mr. Pelazzo, in Russia since 1990, has had an important experience of over 40 years in the main Italian banking institutions abroad.

He began his career in the banking sector in 1977 with Sanpaolo Bank for which he will cover various roles, arriving in 1991 to fill the position of head of International Organizations and European development programs for Central Europe and the CIS countries.

From 1997 to 2006, for Sanpaolo IMI Bank, he headed the bank’s representative office in Moscow. Sanpaolo IMI was one of the major Italian banking and insurance groups. It had around 44,000 employees and 7 million customers.

In 2006 he was appointed Deputy General Manager of the Russian branch Intesa ZAO (Intesa Sanpaolo Group).

From 2007 to today he has been the head of the Moscow representative office of UBI Banca Group, the fourth-largest Italian banking group for the number of branches.

Ferdinando Pelazzo is a consultant for the Board of the Russian Banking Association (ARB).

Kamen Zahariev - Member of the Supervisory Board

Kamen Zahariev

Member of the Supervisory Board

Kamen Zahariev is a seasoned non-executive director with over 25 years of experience in investment, banking and project finance in emerging markets, having participated in numerous transactions in project finance, infrastructure, M&A, restructurings and private equity.

Kamen Zahariev joined EBRD in 1992 and held various positions including that of Chief Legal Counsel; Country Director managing EBRD’s operations in Ukraine from 2003-2008 and then leading the Restructuring Department at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development until March 2018 where he managed EBRD’s significant portfolio of problem assets: loans to banks and other financial institutions, corporate loans and equity investments in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS. Kamen Zahariev has served on the supervisory boards of numerous industrial companies, banks and investment funds in Central and Eastern Europe. He is member of the British Institute of Directors and has been member of associations of foreign investors with interest in Eastern Europe.Kamen Zahariev has a PhD in international law from the Academy of Science, Berlin Germany and a degree in international and comparative law from the Moscow Institute of International Relations. He also has a background in international and comparative law and is the author of several publications in German and English on international law and on the legal aspects of banking and finance in Central and Eastern Europe.

Management Board

Chairman: Aleksandr Eryomin

Responsible for the establishment and approval of: Operational activities, Budget and business plans, Internal procedures, Risk management, Control of portfolio companies, Appointing members of corporate bodies under MB responsibility, Approving decisions of corporate bodies under MB responsibility.
Aleksandr Eryomin - Chairman of the Management Board

Aleksandr Eryomin

Chairman of the Management Board

Mr Eryomin has over 25 years’ experience in the international banking and financial sectors, holding TOP management positions in the financial institutions around Eastern European and CIS countries.

He started his career in 1995 in Russia Small Business Fund established by EBRD and more than half of his professional activity was aimed to pay attention for development and management of different banking projects for supporting of small business and entrepreneurs. He held key TOP manager positions in such banking organizations, oriented for supporting of small business, as ProCredit Bank (Ukraine), Access Bank (Azerbaijan), MFI IMON INTERNATIONAL (Tajikistan), and indifferent SME downscaling programs in Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine.

Besides he devoted a lot of time of his career for working in big universal banking groups and he held CEO positions in such banks as Sberbank (Slovakia), VTB (Azerbaijan), TRUST (Ukraine) and received significant experience in such projects as creating of bank institutions, management in the active development phase, risk management, anti-crises management, restructuring and optimisation, as well as M&A deals.

Dmitry Khmelidze - Member of the Management Board

Dmitry Khmelidze

Member of the Management Board

After graduating with excellence in Applied Math at the Moscow Aviation Institute Dmitri Khmelidze had over 15 years of experience in banking, investment, and fintech industry in Russia, worked for Volvo Construction Equipment AB in Russia as Business Support director. After joining Mikro Kapital almost 10 years ago Dmitri held various top management positions at the group’s investment company General Invest (COO/CFO), car-sharing company Carsharing Russia LLC/Delimobil (CFO), and currently is the CFO for Mikro Kapital Group.


Dmitry Stepanov - Member of the Management Board

Dmitry Stepanov

Member of the Management Board

Qualified Lawyer since 2003, Dmitry Stepanov has undertaken an international career in corporate law. Starting as a Legal Assistant in “Nowitskaya” Law Firm and later as In-House Lawyer at UP “Traditsii Urala”, in Minsk, Belarus, he then moved to Altsoft N.V., Brussels, Belgium. In 2007, Dmitry Stepanov became Deputy Team Leader in the Legal Department of TMF Luxembourg S.A., dealing with trust, fiduciary, and fund services. He later worked for Sodrugestvo Group S.A., Luxembourg, as Head of Legal Service, EMEA / Group Corporate Secretary, and Head of Legal – Regions (Latin America and EMEA). From 2018 he is Group Chief Legal Officer in Mikro Kapital.

Vice Presidents

Giorgio Parola - First Vice President for Russia and Italy markets

Giorgio Parola

First Vice President for Russia and Italy markets

Since 2008

After initial experience in Italy with Intesa Consulting, a first rank corporate advisory business, he moved to Russia in 2006 as a consultant for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

He then worked as responsible for starting up of divisions for the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises which he then directed. Co-Founder of Mikro Kapital Company, today is Vice President for Russia, Belarus, and Italy for Mikro Kapital lending business.

Luca Pellegrini - Vice President for International Investors Relationships

Luca Pellegrini

Vice President for International Investors Relationships

Since 2017

Luca Pellegrini is Vice President at Mikro Kapital Luxembourg, responsible for the development of the Company in Europe and Switzerland. The core responsibility is the marketing and distribution of the bonds and funds issued by Mikro Kapital and the management of the Sales Team.

Prior to joining Mikro Kapital in October 2017, 
Mr.Pellegrini worked at GAM Capital Management AG as Head of Institutional and Asset Managers Italy, with the responsibility of starting up GAM’s marketing and distribution in Italy and the distribution of its investment strategies (UCITS funds). Prior to GAM, Mr.Pellegrini worked as a Director within the Key Client team at UBS Wealth Management, based in Italy. Before that, he was a client relationship manager at Merrill Lynch in California. Mr Pellegrini holds a BS in Financial Economics from the University of Bologna, including a two-year scholarship to the University of California, Santa Barbara.

He is based in Zurich.

Stefano Maggi - Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Stefano Maggi

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Since 2017

Before joining Mikro Kapital he was Marketing Director of a leading Italian industrial company. Previously, he was marketing manager in various consumer goods companies in Europe, the United States and Panama. Since 2019 he is institutional relations Advisor to the President at the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. He held some lectures at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in Moscow. He earned a degree in Journalism & Business Communication, and a master’s in Economics, Management and Innovation at the Sapienza University of Rome. He attended academic courses at the Bocconi University of Milan and at SOAS University of London.

Investment Committee

Responsible for searching and proposing for MB approval of: Investment activities, investment projects, M&A activities, FX strategy and policies, cost of funds for portfolio companies funding, fund's revaluation.

Funding Committee

Responsible for searching and proposing for MB approval of: Funding activities, MK Bond sales and distributions, professional and institutional investors relationships, cost of funds for MK funds.