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We Stand for Peace

Mikro Kapital firmly believes in peace, respect and inclusion: values built everyday with dialogue.

Back to the real economy

We believe that there is a real need in many developing markets to improve their living standards and close their gap with the developed world.

Impact Finance

Discover how Mikro Kapital is changing the world of micro finance around the world . Supporting people, one story at a time

Leading experience in microfinance

Founded in Luxembourg in 2008, Mikro Kapital has always believed in microfinance as a chance to invest in the real economy and the development of emerging countries small entrepreneurship, while offering investors interesting opportunities.

Microfinance is the youngest and the most appealing segment of the new finance, growing worldwide at an average rate of 15-20% yearly. In the world of Microfinance, micro-credit, or credit to micro and small entrepreneurs, represents the real tool for helping people, thanks to responsible financial services, in order for them to realize their dreams and improve their own welfare.

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