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What we do

Discover our impact investing along the silk road

What we do

Mikro Kapital, focused on impact finance and microfinance, operates through its Luxembourg securitization fund collecting financial resources from European Institutional and Private Investors through the issuance of fixed coupon, fixed maturity debt securities linked to the risks related to micro-financing.

The securitization fund invests the proceeds in its own local Portfolio companies, in emerging countries in Europe, Central Asia and APAC region, which provide micro credits, micro loans and access to sharing economy solutions to MSMEs to support their development and generating a positive impact on local communities.

At the same time Mikro Kapital offers a very interesting opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in real economy sectors, which are flourishing thanks to the enthusiasm of their managers and largely unaffected by the volatility of the financial market.

Over 16 years of activity, in a historical period marked by exceptional turbulence on the financial markets, the default rate on the credit awarded has been average below 1%, at Portfolio Companies level, which has led to a remarkable Risk/Reward.

Our companies

Mikro Kapital Management S.A. Mikro Kapital Management S.A.

Mikro Kapital Management S.A.


Mikro Kapital SARL Mikro Kapital SARL

Mikro Kapital SARL


Mikro Kapital SARL established in 2008 and located in Luxembourg.

Consolidate Article of Association as at 29 October 2020 (PDF)
Deed of Amendment of Articles of Association dated 24 July 2020 (PDF)