Mikro Kapital founder has been elected as a President of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Trani will lead the relations between Italy and Russia for the next three years.

- June 4th, 2019

Today, on June 4th 2019, Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce held its open press-conference at the congress center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow. President of the Mikro Kapital Group Vincenzo Trani has been elected as a new president of Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The guests of the press-conference discussed the prospects and plans for economic relations between Russia and Italy, as well as announced the agreement between the CCIR and VEB Innovations.




Vincenzo Trani has been elected for 3 years and his presidency will last till 2021. After the vote, the president gave a speech to the guests. He noted the problems facing the chamber and share the plans of solving them. In particular, Vincenzo Trani disagree with the statement of the European Parliament, which declared that Russia is no longer a strategic partner of the European Union – he pointed out ways for their rapprochement.


“According to the latest estimates of the World Bank, the economic growth of the Russian Federation estimates at 1.5 to 1.8% in 2018-2020. On the contrary of the European Parliament, we see positive prospects in the interaction between Russia and the EU, and we continue to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Italy, – said Vincenzo Trani. – Based on this, we highlight four priorities for our future work: openness to all CIS countries, digitalization, broad distribution of financial services, and improvement of individual skills of entrepreneurs”.

During the press-conference the guests also listened to: President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin, Ambassador of Italian Republic to Russian Federation Pasquale Terracciano, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko, Deputy head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow Evgeny Dridze, Deputy Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Igor Nosov and a number of business representatives from Russia and Italy.