Mikro Kapital acquires FINCA, the second-largest microfinance company in Russia.

- October 11th, 2017

Mikro Kapital has acquired Finca Russia, a company operating in the microfinance sector. This move, in line with the group’s consolidation policy, strengthens Mikro Kapital’s position (20% of the market of providing microcredit to small Russian businesses) in one of the areas driving Russia’s economy: agricultural microfinance.
The industrial ratio of this acquisition, which allows Mikro Kapital to further diversify its credit portfolio, is based on significant strengthening of Mikro Kapital:
in terms of the geographical area it covers: Mikro Kapital is expanding its platform (54 branches across the world) to the North Caucasus, with the acquisition of nine branches;
in terms of its products: thanks to support from highly specialised partners, with 20 years of experience in the agricultural sector, Mikro Kapital is strengthening its credit portfolio in the agricultural field.
The first step on Mikro Kapital’s journey came some time ago with the full approval of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which has always believed in the project. It began in 2016 with the acquisition of an initial part of the Finca portfolio. On 14th August this year, following careful due diligence on the company’s financial situation and risk assessment systems, Mikro Kapital Group was considered suitable to guarantee for a three-year credit line from major international financial institutions, including the EBRD, the MEF and the ResponsAbility Fund.
This is further confirmation of the growing trust institutions place in Mikro Kapital, a leading player in the field which, over its 10 years in business, has managed to stand out from its competitors in the microfinance sector due to its promptness, inclusivity and professionalism. It maintains ongoing relationships with supranational and state organisations, and has become the leading microcredit provider in Russia and the CIS and one of the most promising in the world.