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Mikro Leasing Uzbekistan – 2021 Achievements


On February 11, IP Mikro Leasing LLC Uzbekistan held an annual meeting and we would like to share with you some moments, as well as the main achievements of the last year.

Over the past year, Mikro Leasing Uzbekistan has grown by 150% and has become one of the largest leasing companies in the Uzbek market. In 2021, they financed leasing facilities totaling more than 60 million euros. Therfore, the customer base also grew by 201% and the company’s regional network significantly expanded.

To meet their customers’ needs, Mikro Leasing Uzbekistan launched 9 new products last year. Among them, we would especially like to mention installment programs developed jointly with partners, Islamic leasing (Ijara), and financing programs for special equipment.