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Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Tajikistan – Textile trade and shop

Tajikistan - March 1st, 2022

Yakubova Z. Y. is a woman entrepreneur from Istaravshan. Yakubova is engaged in the trade of textile products, or notably the sale of towels, curtains and tablecloths.
This business is family-owned and has been run for over 9 years so far. “At the beginning of my activity, I did not have a definite place of sale of goods, but the activity itself was started out of a simple interest, for myself and those close to me,” says Yakubova.

Gradually, having evaluated the quality of the goods, the number of those wishing to buy the products of the local craftswoman increased. It was then that Yakubova decided to officially start her business, having already ordered a large volume of goods and rented a specific place of sale.

“The only problem was the lack of money, because expanding the business and entering the market required large investments. Then I decided to get financial support from IMON INTERNATIONAL Tajikistan” Yakubova stated. After receiving the loan, she organized a sales point for goods, she widen the range of goods she sold with blankets, thus significantly increased the number of goods that already had an assortment, which in turn resulted to an increase in profit.

“Employees of IMON INTERNATIONAL Tajikistan helped me to organize my business plan correctly, increase the volume of my products and find the most profitable new assortment for my business, for which I am grateful to them,” says Yakubova.