Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Tajikistan – medical centre


Gafurova M. O. the winner of the “Farah” competition, an example of a strong and strong-willed woman who was able to see the shortcomings of her business and eliminated them.
Having worked for over 12 years in the field of medical care, Manzura realized that her medical centre could not fully meet the needs of the population. In order to improve access to medical care in her town, it was necessary to equip the medical centre with modern equipment.
And this requires additional finance. “Having analysed all the conditions offered by local credit organizations, I opted for IMON International Tajikistan.
There I was able to become a participant in the project program – Women in Business, which is aimed at supporting the initiatives of women entrepreneurs in Tajikistan.
Indeed, in addition to obtaining a loan at a favourable interest rate, I was also offered trainings and the services of consultants who guided me and helped me implement my idea,” Manzura shares with us.
Now, thanks to the financial support of IMON International Tajikistan, LLC “Medical Diagnostic Center Shafqat” is equipped with high-tech modern medical equipment and can provide the population with a wide range of medical services.
This story is an example of how one person’s initiative can help improve the lives of many.