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Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Moldova – young entrepreneur


When you open your own business, the most difficult thing is to find a partner who would believe in your idea.
Regardless of the field and type of activity, many ambitious young people manage to open a successful business in Moldova. Of course, at the beginning of the journey it is not easy – you have to manage a business with rather modest resources, but the satisfaction received in the process worth the effort.
Dumitru N. worked for a while as a sales manager, but 3 years ago he decided to open his own business – a line for cleaning and bottling drinking water. He opened his business at the age of 24.
“After analysing the various possibilities, I realized that I must choose a product that will be in demand by everyone, regardless of age, place of work, or any other criteria that apply to other products. Thus, I decided that the production and bottling of drinking water is what suits me.”
“The hardest part is the beginning, when you have to convince everyone to believe in your idea. I wasn’t sure if I could do it or not, but I decided to give a chance to me and the success was on my part. The first who believed in my dream were the loan experts of Mikro Kapital Moldova. Thanks to them, I bought the first equipment and started making the first deliveries,” says the young entrepreneur.
At first, I have invested in simple water filtration equipment. Then, as the number of customers grew, other acquisitions followed.
“The hardest thing was finding the first customers. But then, thanks to their recommendations, other orders followed, and then it became necessary to produce more water. Every time I needed money, I turned to Mikro Kapital Moldova. My business grew with the loans that this company gave me. The latest investment is a water bottle delivery machine. So, I managed to secure the entire chain.”
At the moment, Dumitru supplies water in Chisinau, the capital of republic of Moldova, but he plans to expand the service area and cover a much larger number of customers.
“If you want to develop, you need to work hard and invest a lot in your business; without support, it is very difficult to achieve growth. I am very glad that I was able to open my business and that I have received the necessary support at the right time from Mikro Kapital Moldova. Now I look to the future with pride and confidence.”