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Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Moldova – healthy cereals


Join forces and take advantage of locally grown raw materials.

Angela S., the owner of brand Ronti, is the first entrepreneur in Moldova who started a business of producing 100% natural cereal flakes for children and adults under the brand name RONTI, and is known to almost every family in the country.

Her products were soon able to conquer even the most demanding children and adults, managing to provide them with a wide range of combinations: cereals with the addition of grapes, buckwheat, cocoa, gluten-free and others.
“Based on the fact that I wanted healthy food for my child, I decided to develop this business and create a healthy product for other children. In addition, by developing a local business, all of us benefit from the crops grown in Moldova, which increase the cereals value. I don’t think that by importing raw materials we do much good to the national economy”.
Over time, the range of products has expanded considerably due to the financial support of Mikro Kapital Moldova at the same time, increasing the number of people who choose a healthy diet, including consuming RONTI cereals.
This achievement was far from easy, especially when you start a business. You need to excel in several areas: from the quality of production, according to standards, identifying sources of financing for business development to identifying customers and gaining their trust. It requires huge work.
“Initially, I have received a grant thanks to which I was able to start this business. However, it is quite difficult to grow without your own investments. In search of a financial partner, I have eventually begun to cooperate with Mikro Kapital Moldova, and then became a loyal customer of this company. First of all, I really appreciate the speed at which money is offered, because during production there is no time to wait or cancel something, people are waiting for products, and we cannot disappoint them.
With Mikro Kapital Moldova we managed to build trusting relationships, and now even through a simple phone call I can establish an agreement in advance and afterward receive the money, which is very convenient”.
“One of the basic principles we rely on is NO dyes, additives, artificial flavourings, or other similar products in RONTI cereals. Our goal is to create a truly healthy product, only from natural ingredients, grown locally. However, one of the biggest challenges has been and remains the identification of new customers, because it is quite difficult to promote yourself due to the multitude of products on the market”.
Even if new challenges arise every day, the entrepreneur is optimistic and shows a lot of courage in developing her business near Mikro Kapital Moldova.


*Photographed: Natalia S., managing director of “Ronti”, healthy cereals producer