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Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Moldova – growing crops

Supporting a farmer in Moldova.


Tudor U., farmer: “I learned an important lesson – if you want to earn money, you have to invest”.
Farmers say:“Agriculture does not stand still”, and to meet all the challenges they face and develop a successful business, they have to invest. In the north of Moldova, Tudor U. cultivates more than 200 hectares of agricultural land on which he grows crops. He believes that in his country, agriculture has a future and invests to get a stable income.

“I have been farming for only a few years, but during this time I managed to learn an important lesson: if you want to earn money, you need to invest. 2020 was a difficult year, it ruined our plans, but it helped us to understand that we have to change the approach, the way we produce and our goals,” explains Tudor.
He is already thinking about introducing one of the methods of American farmers into his farm – sowing catch crops to protect the soil. And in terms of investment, he has already bought a modern combine for harvesting grain crops.

“In order to invest in technology, we need to optimize costs as much as possible. For example, I decided to buy a combine. The calculation is simple, apart from the fact that I always had to use harvesting services and spend money, I also had significant crop losses because I had to wait in line. When buying a combine, Mikro Kapital Moldova supported me financially. Now harvesting is much more efficient and I can think about growing my business.”

Timing is crucial for agricultural processes. That’s why he said he chose Mikro Kapital – “it’s a reliable partner that comes at the right time and with the right offer. We have already paid off the agricultural loan, and the next investment will be the purchase of soil-cultivating equipment adapted to the conditions. I bought a scarifier thanks to AGRO loan from Mikro Kapital Moldova, and I plan to purchase a sunflower harvester as well by taking another loan.”

The farmer plans not to expand the farming area, but to optimize production by investing in modern technologies.
“This season we have good harvests that we are happy with, but we have also invested heavily in production. So we have excellent results. We want to develop and we will do it, little by little, but we will do it, otherwise there is no point in starting activities in agriculture.”