Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Armenia – household items


Be closer to the client.
Ilya F. P. has been manufacturing plastic products and household items for 12 years. Initially, the business was focused on wholesale and retail stores were the main buyers.
According to Ilya, a large number of people have always been interested in his products, wanted to get acquainted with the assortment and, finally, wanted to make retail purchases. Since the products were in a factory or in a warehouse, the show of products was technically impossible, Ilya could not satisfy the demand of those interested in retail purchases.
Since the interest of buyers in national products was constantly growing, he decided to open a point of sale where only products of his brand should be sold, and thanks to the credit funds of Mikro Kapital Armenia, his desire became a reality.
Currently, Ilya has his own store in the center of the capital, where his products are presented, from where retail sales are carried out directly from the manufacturer.