Mikro Kapital’s successful stories – Armenia – carpets stores


Make service more enjoyable.

Armen E. S. has been selling carpets for 10 years. In the past, sales were carried out from an open-air pavilion in the market area, which caused some difficulties, especially during the cold months of the year. According to him, due to the small size and inconvenience of the area, he could not present the entire range of products for sale.

Armen has long dreamed of moving to a closed area, where, with appropriate lighting, he could present the entire range for sale, and buyers could make a good choice to their taste. As a result of cooperation with Mikro Kapital Armenia, Armen gradually managed to fulfill his dream.

Currently, Armen has two large and bright stores in the capital, where all conditions are created for customers to make comfortable purchases.


Armen's 2 new stores and his first one