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Mikro Kapital supports Velafrica’s initiative ‘Ride for impact’

On the 15th and 16th August Velafrica team will participate to the Tortour race and Mikro Kapital will support Velafrica social impact’s initiative named ‘Ride for impact’.

Mikro Kapital supports Velafrica during the Tortour 2020 on 15th and 16th August - ‘Ride for impact’.

Tortour is the largest non-stop ultra cycling event in the world lasting several days. The race with start and finish in Zurich demands everything from cyclists and their crew: In just two days, a several hundred-kilometer-long non-stop race course over passes all around Switzerland can be mastered – day and night, solo or in a team. (tortour.com).Velafrica promotes bicycle mobility in Africa since 1993. Discarded bicycles are collected and repaired in Switzerland before being transported to seven countries, where they facilitate local access to schools, work and health facilities. Vocational training in bicycle mechanics is being created through the establishment of bicycle centres. Jobs are created in the workshop, in sales and in administration. (velafrica.ch)

Ride for Impact
Mikro Kapital supports Velafrica initiatives to contribute to a ‘comprehensive’ social impact.
Thanks to bike-to-school programs, students with very long journeys to school save up to four hours of travel time a day and up to 20 hours a week. Velafrica‘s partners in Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Madagascar and other countries currently employ over 80 people in the workshop, sales and administration. 70 young people are completing an apprenticeship in velomechanics. – Over 240,000 Velafrica bicycles have already been exported to Africa. Because each bicycle is used by an average of four people, almost 1 million people have benefited from Velafrica‘s commitment to date.