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Mikro Kapital Opens New Hong Kong Office and Appoints Asia Chief Executive Officer, Danny Howell

Hong Kong - October 17th, 2022

Hong Kong, (Monday) 17 October 2022 – Mikro Kapital, a leading microfinance and sustainable investor in emerging areas of the world, announced the official opening of a new Hong Kong office and the appointment of its Chief Executive Officer for Asia, Danny Howell.


Building on Mikro Kapital’s successful track record, an established ecosystem of 256 offices and an established European investor base from countries including Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and Italy, Howell will be working closely with founder and chairman, Vincenzo Trani, to create opportunities for Asian based family and multi-family offices where demand for social impact investing closely follows the global trend.


Originally from Australia, Howell is a financial services and wealth & asset management veteran with 25 years in Asia Pacific and extensive experience in establishing and growing businesses for asset managers, investment advisory businesses, family offices and wealth managers.


Vincenzo Trani, Mikro Kapital’s Chairman said: “We are delighted to welcome Danny to lead the corporate strategy from Hong Kong and across Singapore and the rest of Asia through Mikro Kapital (HK) Ltd. His deep understanding of the region and his work in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan and the South-East Asia markets represents a huge advantage for Mikro’s expansion plans. As investors seek refuge from the turbulence in the global financial markets, our investment strategy focusing on the small but economically important businesses in the core industrial, agricultural and service sectors along the Silk Road, we look forward to being able to support Asian investors who want to participate in the ‘real economies’ of developing markets through micro finance solutions.”

Danny Howell, Mikro Kapital HK Chief Executive Officer, Asia said: “I am thankful to Vincenzo for welcoming me to the Mikro Kapital team and for this unique opportunity to be part of a social investment movement that puts society and local economies at the heart of its business. The success of Mikro Kapital over the last 14 years for European investors brings a proven track record to Asian investors and enables them to have a direct influence on stimulating the growth of small companies that are the backbone of communities and economies across this very diverse region.”


Howell’s appointment marks a significant milestone for the Luxembourg headquartered firm as it expands its unique business model to Asian family offices, multi-family offices, endowments, Foundations and other mid-tier institutional investors looking for a more diversified way to incorporate microfinance and impact finance solutions into their portfolios.