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Mikro Kapital is launching one of the world’s first tokenized bonds

15 November 2023

Mikro KApital Tokenized bonds

Luxembourg - November 15th, 2023

Mikro Kapital is launching one of the world’s first tokenized bonds. https://capital.bitfinex.com/alt2611

Thanks to a collaboration with Bitfinex, a platform for the listing and trading of digitized securities, Mikro Kapital officially introduces the first tokenized bond in microcredit to the market, named ALT2611. This is a 36-month bond with a 10% coupon, denominated in Tether tokens pegged to the US dollar (USDT). Quarterly coupon payments will be made in USDT. Each token can be purchased and traded on the Bitfinex Securities platform with a denomination of 100 USDT, and the initial offering is subject to a minimum purchase of 125,000 USDT. With this initiative, Mikro Kapital aims to facilitate access to microfinance as an asset class for new categories of investors and to innovate its offerings through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.

Discover with Michele Mattioda and Jesse Knutson the world of microfinancing, the upcoming ALT2611 tokenized bond, microfinancing applications for USDt, and why Mikro Kapital chose Bitfinex Securities and the Liquid Network.