“BIB” Bank im Bistum provides €1 million loan to Mikro Kapital Moldova

Support of micro, small, and medium-size businesses and low-income clients.

Moldova - September 24th, 2019

Today, 24 September 2019, Mikro Kapital Group has concluded an agreement with “BIB” Bank im Bistum.

“BIB” Bank im Bistum is a German cooperative bank which was founded in 1966 and will provide a €1 million loan to our local subsidiary in Moldova.

This three-year BIB loan will be granted to Mikro Kapital Moldova in order to support micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and low-income clients (excluding consumer loans) in Moldova.

“Mikro Kapital Moldova” is our local Microfinance company part of our group. Mikro Kapital Moldova started operations in 2013. It currently has a portfolio of about EUR 13.5 mln and serves over 1,500 borrowers via 6 representative offices and 42 staff. Through its activities, Mikro Kapital Moldova supports micro, small and medium entrepreneurs from different economic sectors, of which about 35% are from the agricultural sector. Women clients represent about 40% of all borrowers. The mission of the company is to improve the living standards of local people and close the gap with the developed world.

Mikro Kapital Group is partner of the Italian State Agency for Microcredit. Total assets under management (as at 30.06.19) of Mikro Kapital Group exceed EUR 600 m.


Bank im Bistum Essen eG (BIB) is a socially and ethically oriented bank with Christian roots. With total assets of EUR 5.1 billion, it is one of the biggest cooperative banks in Germany. It is a financial service provider for the church, health care and social organisations, foundations, relief organisations and anyone who shares its vision for a fair and peaceful world. BIB has been working in microfinance since 2007, offering direct financing to MFIs worldwide. BIB manages two microfinance funds, KCD Mikrofinanzfonds (FIS) and KCD-Mikrofinanzfonds III, which allow professional and retail investors to invest in microfinance.