What we do

Discover our impact investing along the silk road

What we do

Launched in 2008, Mikro Kapital is a group specialized in the use of microfinance techniques for investing in small businesses across emerging areas of the world, especially in Russia, CIS counties and along the Silk Road. Mikro Kapital operates through two securitization funds: MIKRO FUND and ALTERNATIVE.

Strategy in a nutshell

We aim to provide a consistent income connected to reduced risks to our professional investors. We issue Bonds linked to investments in companies involved in micro- and SME financing based on several simple principles, e.g. full collateralization, no consumer lending, etc.

Emerging Areas are the Future

The idea behind Mikro Kapital is to facilitate the financing of small businesses in emerging areas of the world at the current rates, gathering funds from European professional investors through issuance of Bonds of various maturity.