A securitization fund managed by Mikro Kapital Management S.A. a specialised securitization funds management company registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Our securitization fund preliminary acquires risks connected to debt and equity of micro-financing companies, small financial institutions, leasing companies, sharing economy participants, banks or credit cooperatives granting access to financing services to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs.

MIKRO FUND allows professional clients (within the meaning of Annex II to the MiFID II Directive (2014/65/EU)) to participate in the acquired risks through the issuance of Bonds of various maturity.

What makes it so unique?


MIKRO FUND invests in micro and small entrepreneurs lending, financial and operational leasing, in Russia and Belarus.


The average term of investments


The fund’s currency

MIKRO FUND’s innovation is an investment model meeting the needs of developing markets.

Discover more about the companies in which MIKRO FUND invests

Mikro Leasing LLC Mikro Leasing LLC

Mikro Leasing LLC


Mikro Leasing LLC was founded on October 1, 2009 and is the first financial leasing institution in Belarus with 100% Italian capital. Mikro Leasing FLLC was created by Italian financier Vincenzo Trani as part of a holding company Mikro Kapital Group.
According to the national rating of the Belarusian Lessors’ Association, Mikro Leasing company was recognized as the best company in the category “Company’s financial sustainability” in 2015, the first one in the segment “Automobiles” and “Leasing contracts concluded with individuals in the segment “Automobiles” in 2016.
Mikro Leasing is the first Company to be assigned a credit rating “B-” in 2019 by Fitch Ratings international agency. Mikro Leasing is in the same category not only with the results of the largest Belarusian banks, but also with the country rating on the whole. The company has successfully affirmed its ‘B-‘ reliability rating by Fitch Ratings in 2020.

Anytime LLC Anytime LLC

Anytime LLC


Anytime LLC in Russia (AnytimePrime) provides the exclusive opportunity to rent luxury vehicles in Moscow and use it as efficiently as possible, by means of a membership and subscriptions. The company is developing new services and fares in order to cover all the mobility needs of Moscow citizens.
The service is based on an app, which allows you to start the engine, complete the
journey at any street within the Moscow Ring Road in the capital city of the Russian Federation.

Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil) Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil)

Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil)


Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil), launched in September 2015, is the first and major car sharing project in Russia. The company serves individuals and entrepreneurs who are unable to provide the advance payment required for traditional leasing.
Car sharing, effectively meaning rental on a per-minute basis, has quickly become popular
among urban residents as an alternative to public transportation and personally-owned
The undeniable advantages consist of low costs, accessibility to modern vehicular technologies, 24/7 availability and freedom from deposits and prepayments.
Starting with 100 cars in 2015, currently Delimobil has a fleet of over 6.000 cars positioning itself as one of the biggest players globally.
Delimobil is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhni, Novgorod, Ekaterinburg,
Samara, Grozny, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk and Rostov-on-don and planning
to develop in other important cities in Russia.

JSC MCF “Money Kapital” JSC MCF “Money Kapital”

JSC MCF “Money Kapital”


JSC MCF “Money Kapital” Russia was founded in 1999 under the name of JSC MFC Finca, part of Finca International Group. The company supports the development of Small Enterprises in the North-Caucasian market and it is the first operator in the sector.
The company was renamed into Money Kapital Russia following the acquisition by Mikro Fund during the fourth quarter of 2017 from Finca International Group.
Today Money Kapital Russia has branches in different cities of the Russian Federation.
The company’s professional team is comprised of specialists with impressive experience in the field of microfinance. In its operations the company successfully implements best-in-class international practices and methodologies that are actively used by European microfinance organizations.
Finca was awarded “Best MFI 2009” and “Innovation leader of microfinance 2012”.

Mikro Kapital Russia Mikro Kapital Russia

Mikro Kapital Russia


Since its foundation in 2010, Mikro Kapital Russia has been financing small-scale projects of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian Federation.

We believe that the Russian market has potential for growth and economic development. Our goal is to support the activities of small and medium-sized businesses that have significant social impact, as they form the basis of socio-economic development.

Mikro Kapital Russia is part of the Mikro Kapital Group holding , which specializes in microfinance in the Eurasian markets. The mission of the group is to support economic growth in the countries of presence, through the direction of financial flows to niche markets.

Since the beginning of 2023, Mikro Kapital Russia has been raising funds in the Russian market for Russian and Belarusian companies.


Money Kapital Leasing LLC Money Kapital Leasing LLC

Money Kapital Leasing LLC


Money Kapital Leasing LLC was founded in 2008 and it is a multipurpose leasing company successfully operating in different sectors of the economy.
Its mission is to provide entrepreneurs with access to affordable financing of equipment, vehicles and machinery and facilitate business development of SME sector in Russia.
The company offers optimal product range covering various types of lease objects to its customers thanks to long-term established partnerships with leading and recognized machinery, equipment and vehicles suppliers and highly professional and experienced team.

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