A securitization fund managed by Mikro Kapital Management S.A., a specialised securitization funds management company registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


ALTERNATIVE preliminary acquires risks connected to debt and equity of micro-financing companies, small financial institutions, leasing companies, banks or credit cooperatives granting access to financing services to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in Italy, Romania, Moldova and in emerging countries along the Silk Road.

ALTERNATIVE allows professional clients (within the meaning of Annex II to the MiFID II Directive (2014/65/EU)) to participate in the acquired risks through the issuance of Bonds of various maturity.

Unlike ALTERNATIVE, traditional investment funds established for developed markets may earn income in developing markets but are not able to limit risks. ALTERNATIVE strives to secure both growth returns coupled with a reduction of risks.

What makes it so unique?


We invest in Eastern Europe and along the Silk Road


The average term of investments


The fund’s currency

ALTERNATIVE’s innovation is an investment model meeting the needs of developing markets.

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