A securitization fund managed by Mikro Kapital Management S.A., a specialised securitization funds management company registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


ALTERNATIVE preliminary acquires risks connected to debt and equity of micro-financing companies, small financial institutions, leasing companies, banks or credit cooperatives granting access to financing services to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in Italy, Romania, Moldova and in emerging countries along the Silk Road.

ALTERNATIVE allows professional clients (within the meaning of Annex II to the MiFID II Directive (2014/65/EU)) to participate in the acquired risks through the issuance of Bonds of various maturity.

Unlike ALTERNATIVE, traditional investment funds established for developed markets may earn income in developing markets but are not able to limit risks. ALTERNATIVE strives to secure both growth returns coupled with a reduction of risks.

What makes it so unique?


We invest in Eastern Europe and along the Silk Road


The average term of investments


The fund’s currency

ALTERNATIVE’s innovation is an investment model meeting the needs of developing markets.

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Mikro Kapital HK Ltd Mikro Kapital HK Ltd

Mikro Kapital HK Ltd

Hong Kong

Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC

Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC


Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC was registered in Central Bank of Armenia in June 2018 and started his activity from August 2018 in the capital city, Yerevan.

The focus of Mikro Kapital Armenia is financing micro, small and medium sizes enterprises, including also private individuals from Armenian territory.

Mikro Kapital S.p.A. Mikro Kapital S.p.A.

Mikro Kapital S.p.A.


Mikro Kapital S.p.A. was established under the supervision of Bank of Italy in 2017 and immediately started to provide loans to sustain businesses, families and education.
Mikro Kapital S.p.A. supports startups and high-quality businesses, not bankable yet, but also individuals and families that can’t use traditional channels to satisfy ordinary needs (home, car, health, education) because they don’t have a sufficient credit story.

Mikro Kapital Company LLC Mikro Kapital Company LLC

Mikro Kapital Company LLC


Mikro Kapital Company LLC is a micro-finance company founded by Mr. Vincenzo Trani in 2013.
The company finances small and medium enterprises in Moldova. Mikro Kapital Moldova has branches within different cities of Moldova, including the headquarter in Chisinau, Balti, Drochia, Soroca, Comrat, Edinet.
It offers loans to SMEs with emphasis on agricultural loans to farmers and individual entrepreneurs (around one-third of the portfolio).
The financial sector of Moldova is represented by 11 commercial banks and 199 registered Non-Banking Credit Organizations (NBCO), of which Mikro Kapital Moldova was ranked 9th by amount of Gross Loan Portfolio Volume as at the end of 2018.

Mikro Kapital IFN JSC Mikro Kapital IFN JSC

Mikro Kapital IFN JSC


The mission of Mikro Kapital IFN JSC in Romania is to provide a professional contribution to the economic development of inclusive microfinance businesses by offering high quality financial services to customers. The company prefers to create long lasting partnerships, based on respect and mutual trust, representing a guarantee of long-term, general social improvement for customers (micro businesses or private individuals).
The company was registered with a headquarter in the city of Iasi 2016. Currently Mikro Kapital Romania operates with several branches and plan to open new offices in
other important areas of the country.
This marked the beginning of its all-round support in the development of business
activities, providing services to individuals, micro and small enterprises operating in
agricultural sector.

CJSC MDO Imon International CJSC MDO Imon International

CJSC MDO Imon International


CJSC MDO Imon International began its operational activities in 2008. The creation of a commercial structure made it possible to attract foreign investors and foreign partner-creditors to the organization. This, in turn, expanded the organization’s capabilities and contributed to the achievement of significant success.
A long-term vision, the stable course for sustainable development and the need to expand the range of financial services provided allowed “Imon International” to go through a transformation, which led it to be licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2013 and “Imon International” became a microcredit deposit organization.
IMON confidently went through a planned development path from the project, the
financial fund and the microfinance organization, to the universal microcredit and
deposit organization licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Over this period, the organization has become one of the largest financial institutions in
the Republic of Tajikistan.


Microcredit Company Bailyk Finance LLC Microcredit Company Bailyk Finance LLC

Microcredit Company Bailyk Finance LLC


The history of the company began in 2011. The most significant events occurred in 2013, when the Company revised its views and made a number of changes, starting with an increase in the amount of capital, up to the attraction of professional Management.

In just 10 years of operation, LLC “MCC” “Bailyk Finance” became one of the three largest microcredit companies in the country. To date, LLC “MC “Bailyk Finance” is trusted by more than 35,000 Kyrgyz people and this figure is constantly growing.


Mikro Leasing LLC Mikro Leasing LLC

Mikro Leasing LLC


Micro Leasing LLC is the first financial institution with 100% foreign capital registered in the Kyrgyz Republic. We are a leasing company with extensive experience in the field of leasing and providing a wide range of services throughout the country.

The company’s operating philosophy is based on honesty and transparency. The principles of microleasing are efficiency and compliance with the rules of responsible financing. LLC Microleasing offers leasing financing for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

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