Russia and Belarus

Entrepreneurs in Russia and Belarus prove how they began their activity and grow through micro credit and micro leasing.


Ludinovo, Russia,

Client of NDCO WMN Ludinovo branch.

Natalia, being an energetic woman and an optimist wouldn’t put up with her new status of a housewife in Ludinovo. Moreover, only one salary of Natalia’s husband wasn’t enough to support a family with two teenage children. A chance encounter with a Faberlic cosmetics firm manager during a cosmetics fair in Moscow gave her an […]


Marina, Diana, Andrey briefly describe their stories and how Mikro Kapital helped them to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Discover successful microcredit stories.


Kaluga, Central Russia,

Client of NDCO WMN Kaluga branch.

It wasn’t from the beginning of his carrier that he had been a businessman. After his graduation from pedagogical college in 1991 he worked as a rural school teacher for 8 years. He loved his job, however, as he married and became a father of two sons it became clear that a teacher’s salary was […]