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Mikro Kapital HK Ltd Mikro Kapital HK Ltd

Mikro Kapital HK Ltd

Hong Kong

Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC

Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC


Mikro Kapital Armenia UCO CJSC was registered in Central Bank of Armenia in June 2018 and started his activity from August 2018 in the capital city, Yerevan.

The focus of Mikro Kapital Armenia is financing micro, small and medium sizes enterprises, including also private individuals from Armenian territory.

Mikro Kapital S.p.A. Mikro Kapital S.p.A.

Mikro Kapital S.p.A.


Mikro Kapital S.p.A. was established under the supervision of Bank of Italy in 2017 and immediately started to provide loans to sustain businesses, families and education.
Mikro Kapital S.p.A. supports startups and high-quality businesses, not bankable yet, but also individuals and families that can’t use traditional channels to satisfy ordinary needs (home, car, health, education) because they don’t have a sufficient credit story.

JSC MCF “Money Kapital” JSC MCF “Money Kapital”

JSC MCF “Money Kapital”


JSC MCF “Money Kapital” Russia was founded in 1999 under the name of JSC MFC Finca, part of Finca International Group. The company supports the development of Small Enterprises in the North-Caucasian market and it is the first operator in the sector.
The company was renamed into Money Kapital Russia following the acquisition by Mikro Fund during the fourth quarter of 2017 from Finca International Group.
Today Money Kapital Russia has branches in different cities of the Russian Federation.
The company’s professional team is comprised of specialists with impressive experience in the field of microfinance. In its operations the company successfully implements best-in-class international practices and methodologies that are actively used by European microfinance organizations.
Finca was awarded “Best MFI 2009” and “Innovation leader of microfinance 2012”.

Mikro Kapital Company LLC Mikro Kapital Company LLC

Mikro Kapital Company LLC


Mikro Kapital Company LLC is a micro-finance company founded by Mr. Vincenzo Trani in 2013.
The company finances small and medium enterprises in Moldova. Mikro Kapital Moldova has branches within different cities of Moldova, including the headquarter in Chisinau, Balti, Drochia, Soroca, Comrat, Edinet.
It offers loans to SMEs with emphasis on agricultural loans to farmers and individual entrepreneurs (around one-third of the portfolio).
The financial sector of Moldova is represented by 11 commercial banks and 199 registered Non-Banking Credit Organizations (NBCO), of which Mikro Kapital Moldova was ranked 9th by amount of Gross Loan Portfolio Volume as at the end of 2018.

Mikro Kapital IFN JSC Mikro Kapital IFN JSC

Mikro Kapital IFN JSC


The mission of Mikro Kapital IFN JSC in Romania is to provide a professional contribution to the economic development of inclusive microfinance businesses by offering high quality financial services to customers. The company prefers to create long lasting partnerships, based on respect and mutual trust, representing a guarantee of long-term, general social improvement for customers (micro businesses or private individuals).
The company was registered with a headquarter in the city of Iasi 2016. Currently Mikro Kapital Romania operates with several branches and plan to open new offices in
other important areas of the country.
This marked the beginning of its all-round support in the development of business
activities, providing services to individuals, micro and small enterprises operating in
agricultural sector.

Mikro Leasing LLC Mikro Leasing LLC

Mikro Leasing LLC


Mikro Leasing LLC was founded on October 1, 2009 and is the first financial leasing institution in Belarus with 100% Italian capital. Mikro Leasing FLLC was created by Italian financier Vincenzo Trani as part of a holding company Mikro Kapital Group.
According to the national rating of the Belarusian Lessors’ Association, Mikro Leasing company was recognized as the best company in the category “Company’s financial sustainability” in 2015, the first one in the segment “Automobiles” and “Leasing contracts concluded with individuals in the segment “Automobiles” in 2016.
Mikro Leasing is the first Company to be assigned a credit rating “B-” in 2019 by Fitch Ratings international agency. Mikro Leasing is in the same category not only with the results of the largest Belarusian banks, but also with the country rating on the whole. The company has successfully affirmed its ‘B-‘ reliability rating by Fitch Ratings in 2020.

Mikro Leasing LLC Mikro Leasing LLC

Mikro Leasing LLC


Mikro Leasing LLC Uzbekistan opened at the beginning of 2019 in the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tasken. The company is focused on leasing services for personal or professional customers.
The company allows many small and medium-sized enterprises as well as professionals to equip themselves with vehicles or technological equipment to develop their business and support their needs.

Money Kapital Leasing LLC Money Kapital Leasing LLC

Money Kapital Leasing LLC


Money Kapital Leasing LLC was founded in 2008 and it is a multipurpose leasing company successfully operating in different sectors of the economy.
Its mission is to provide entrepreneurs with access to affordable financing of equipment, vehicles and machinery and facilitate business development of SME sector in Russia.
The company offers optimal product range covering various types of lease objects to its customers thanks to long-term established partnerships with leading and recognized machinery, equipment and vehicles suppliers and highly professional and experienced team.

Money Kapital Factoring LLC Money Kapital Factoring LLC

Money Kapital Factoring LLC


From its foundation in 2014, Money Kapital Factoring LLC is focused on financing small and medium-sized enterprises that supply goods and provide services with deferred payments.
The company’s mission is to support and develop SME sector via factoring as an alternative financing vehicle.
MK Factoring secures stable and uninterrupted financing, provides professional and customer-tailored services, offers a variety of factoring products with convenient financing limits and transparent tariffs.

General Invest Switzerland AG General Invest Switzerland AG

General Invest Switzerland AG


General lnvest Switzerland AG is an international external asset management company operating in Switzerland, focused on the advisory and asset management services for corporate clients and High Net Worth individuals mostly from Russia and former Soviet Union countries. The company was founded in 2013, by Vincenzo Trani, and it has a headquarter in Zurich and a branch in Lugano.
General lnvest (Switzerland) AG being a financial professional intermediary is under control of PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organization which is supervised by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).

Concern General Invest LLC Concern General Invest LLC

Concern General Invest LLC


General lnvest is an international investment company operating in Russia, focused on the sale of investment products to institutional and corporate clients and High Net Worth individuals mostly in Russia. The company was founded in 2009, by Vincenzo Trani, and operates in Moscow, where it has the head office, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kazan.
The company is a professional participant in the Russian securities market, and is licensed by the Bank of Russia for provision of the following services: brokerage, asset management, custody services.
The company mission is to provide a wide range of financial services of high “boutique” quality, building long-term commitment and strong partnerships with clients.

Gorod Deneg Co. Ltd. Gorod Deneg Co. Ltd.

Gorod Deneg Co. Ltd.


Gorod Deneg Co. Ltd. (Town money), founded in 2012, is the first P2P crowdlending platform in Russia.
The company used rich experience of Mikro Kapital in the field of SME financing while setting-up the platform and implementing risk assessment practices.
Website townmoney.ru is the place where borrowers can apply fundraising requests for their business and investors can choose appropriate projects according to their investment characteristics of risk, maturity and return.

CJSC MDO Imon International CJSC MDO Imon International

CJSC MDO Imon International


CJSC MDO Imon International began its operational activities in 2008. The creation of a commercial structure made it possible to attract foreign investors and foreign partner-creditors to the organization. This, in turn, expanded the organization’s capabilities and contributed to the achievement of significant success.
A long-term vision, the stable course for sustainable development and the need to expand the range of financial services provided allowed “Imon International” to go through a transformation, which led it to be licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2013 and “Imon International” became a microcredit deposit organization.
IMON confidently went through a planned development path from the project, the
financial fund and the microfinance organization, to the universal microcredit and
deposit organization licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Over this period, the organization has become one of the largest financial institutions in
the Republic of Tajikistan.


Microcredit Company Bailyk Finance LLC Microcredit Company Bailyk Finance LLC

Microcredit Company Bailyk Finance LLC


The history of the company began in 2011. The most significant events occurred in 2013, when the Company revised its views and made a number of changes, starting with an increase in the amount of capital, up to the attraction of professional Management.

In just 10 years of operation, LLC “MCC” “Bailyk Finance” became one of the three largest microcredit companies in the country. To date, LLC “MC “Bailyk Finance” is trusted by more than 35,000 Kyrgyz people and this figure is constantly growing.


Anytime LLC Anytime LLC

Anytime LLC


Anytime LLC in Russia (AnytimePrime) provides the exclusive opportunity to rent luxury vehicles in Moscow and use it as efficiently as possible, by means of a membership and subscriptions. The company is developing new services and fares in order to cover all the mobility needs of Moscow citizens.
The service is based on an app, which allows you to start the engine, complete the
journey at any street within the Moscow Ring Road in the capital city of the Russian Federation.

Carsharing Club LLC Carsharing Club LLC

Carsharing Club LLC


Carsharing Club LLC (Anytime Belarus) is a company that operates the carsharing service, founded in 2018 in Minsk.
With a fleet of more than 500 vehicles, it is the largest operator in the country.
Anytime Belarus operates according to the impact finance logic, allowing small and medium-sized entrepreneurs but also private citizens to rent vehicles for urban journeys with all-inclusive rates per minute.

D-Mobility Kazakhstan D-Mobility Kazakhstan

D-Mobility Kazakhstan


D-Mobility Kazakhstan (Anytime Kazakhstan) is a car sharing company based in the city of Almaty, the most
populated city in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The service was launched in 2018 with a fleet of over 350 vehicles.
Following the great results achieved so far, the service will be extended in other areas of the country covering soon other large cities and urban areas.
Anytime Kazakhstan was the first shared urban mobility provider launched in the

Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil) Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil)

Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil)


Carsharing Russia LLC (Delimobil), launched in September 2015, is the first and major car sharing project in Russia. The company serves individuals and entrepreneurs who are unable to provide the advance payment required for traditional leasing.
Car sharing, effectively meaning rental on a per-minute basis, has quickly become popular
among urban residents as an alternative to public transportation and personally-owned
The undeniable advantages consist of low costs, accessibility to modern vehicular technologies, 24/7 availability and freedom from deposits and prepayments.
Starting with 100 cars in 2015, currently Delimobil has a fleet of over 6.000 cars positioning itself as one of the biggest players globally.
Delimobil is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhni, Novgorod, Ekaterinburg,
Samara, Grozny, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk and Rostov-on-don and planning
to develop in other important cities in Russia.

Smart Mobility Management LLC Smart Mobility Management LLC

Smart Mobility Management LLC


Smart Mobility Management LLC is a company that deals with the management of vehicle fleets leased or rented via other subsidiaries.
SMM oversees vehicle maintenance and telematics (tracking and diagnostics) and the management of drivers, speed, fuel, health and safety. Smart Mobility management allows our companies, which rely on transportation, to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.

Deliservice LLC Deliservice LLC

Deliservice LLC


Deliservice LLC offers 15 services including car maintenance, repair and cleaning services. Through its app client (to date there are more than 7000 registered clients) can select the preferred service and Deliservice staff will collect the car at home, or at the location indicated by the user. In addition, Deliservice provides insurance services for the car and the driver.