Our Activities

Microfinance techniques for investing in small businesses

Our Activities

Launched in 2008, Mikro Kapital is a group focused in the use of microfinance techniques for investing in small businesses across emerging areas of the world, especially in Russia and Russian-connected countries, Central and East Asia, and Latin America.

Microcredit has a direct influence on business, stimulating the growth of small companies and increasing the wellbeing of their owner, therefore making it highly valuable at a social level. At the same time, it provides a very interesting opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in core business in the industrial, agricultural, and service sectors, which are flourishing thanks to the enthusiasm of their managers and which are largely unaffected by the volatility of the financial markets.

We believe in the real economy

Mikro Kapital invests in the real economy through its two funds: MIKRO FUND and ALTERNATIVE.

Over 13 years of activity, in a historical period marked by exceptional turbulence on the financial markets, the default rate on the credit awarded has been below 1%, which has led to a remarkable Risk/Reward of our Bonds.

The idea behind Mikro Kapital is to finance small businesses in emerging areas of the world at the current rates, gathering funds from European professional investors, through the issuance of Bonds in Luxembourg, with an appealing and competitive yield and a fixed maturity of 11, 24, 36 or 60 months.

Mikro Kapital Funds

Discover the opportunities of the Mikro Kapital main funds: MIKRO FUND and ALTERNATIVE. Both funds invest in their own network of regional branches and in third parties, such as local small financial institutions, leasing companies, banks or credit cooperatives.

Investment solutions

Mikro Kapital has been offering securitisation structures for investments in micro-financing since 2008.

Our Business Model

MIKRO FUND preliminary acquires risks connected to debt provided to small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia and Belarus, while ALTERNATIVE looks to provide to its investor exposure to European and former-Soviet Union Countries (Italy, Romania, Moldova) and in Emerging Countries along the Silk Road.

Both Funds further acquire risks connected to equity of micro-financing companies, small financial institutions, leasing companies, sharing economy participants, banks or credit cooperatives.

MIKRO FUND and ALTERNATIVE allow professional clients (within the meaning of Annex II to the MiFID II Directive (2014/65/EU)) to participate in the acquired risks through the issuance of Bonds.